Monday, February 7, 2011

Israel's extreme Left against the Eruv


Extreme left - wing activists have intentionally damaged the Eruv around the Maccabim - Re'ut settlement near Modi'in / Kiryat Sefer. 

I could hardly believe what I just read on the Israeli haredi news site "Kikar Shabbat":
How sick must one's mind be hating religious Jews so much that a person climbs up a ladder in order to damage an Eruv and cause halachic harm to the religious population on Shabbat. How sick must this secular mind be and I dare to claim that such kind of Jews would even help Hitler's death machinery today.

There have always been Jewish traitors and the kabbalistic question coming up is whether they are real Jews or just an offspring of the Erev Rav.


  1. What is shameful in such stories (it happened somewhere else in Ameirca. Those who were protesting and opposing the Eruv were also Jews) is that:

    1) Those who oppose the Eruv don't even know what an Eruv is and what is its significance. They tend to believe that an Eruv is a frontier between the secular part of a city and the religious part. We cannot be further from the truth.

    2) Most of the Eruvin are truly discret. They don't bother anyone, don't damage the landscape and most of them are unnoticed.

    It is pure hate that animates such people.

  2. B"H

    It was pure hatred of the left and they don't care what they do if they see a chance to hurt religious Jews.