Sunday, February 20, 2011

Escaping one’s frum Life


Many many times it has happened to me that in Jerusalem, I saw such obviously holy people on Shabbat. I went to different Shabbatot where there were various people. Some giving a Drasha, others just enjoying or mainly eating. When I looked at all those people I thought that they must be really holy. All those Drashot and talking about the holy Shabbat. I wish I could live like that.

This was in Jerusalem, don’t forget.

Some weeks later, sometimes even only one week later, I saw the same person in Tel Aviv. This happened a lot during my Yeshiva days but even until today. In most cases it is guys doing this.

Suddenly I see the same person in Tel Aviv walking at the beach on Shabbat. There are times when the Kipa is gone. Or I see him going into a non – kosher restaurant like “Subway”. Open on Shabbat and dairy and fleishig being served together. 

When I was in Yeshiva and entered a religious crisis or call it depression, I went to Tel Aviv in order to spend the Shabbat “FREE”. I even went to the cinema on rev Shabbat and I was sure that no one from Jerusalem would see me, as everyone else would apparently celebrate Shabbat. However, I was never really alone, as some more people had the same idea, as I had. Back in Jerusalem we were all frum again and no one ever said anything about the other person’s doing on Shabbat. We simply pretended that we had never seen each other in Tel Aviv.

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