Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Secrets of Ruth Blau


Ruth Blau (Bloi) was the second wife of the formerly well - known head of Jerusalem's Neturei Karta, Rabbi Amram Blau. Most facts about the two are already known but now I got hold of Ruth's autobiography published in 1979 (in Hebrew). The French original version of the book is called "Les Guardiens de la Cite" and the Hebrew translation is named "Shomrei Ha'Ir - שומרי העיר".

This is the second part of me putting together the content of Ruth's book. 
The first part you can read HERE , the second part is HERE and the third part you can find HERE ! Part 4 can be read HERE !

Now her son Uri broke his silence and answered some questions regarding his mother:

Everyone seems to be so much into Ruth Blau. However, the bottom line is that Mea Shearim has forgotten about her and I have my doubts whether Ruth has ever been a part of the women's society there. To me it looks like she was loning for a leading position on the men's side but always remained behind Rabbi Amram Blau. 
The Mishkenot HaRoim still organize Mishnayiot studies on the Yahrzeit of Rabbi Amram but who remembers Ruth ? Maybe only those who are curious about her life and mind, and this is very sad. Basically no one cares about her.

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