Monday, February 28, 2011

(Single)Life in Tel Aviv

It was raining like something this morning but now the sun is out again. 


Interesting what an Israeli newspaper is announcing today: 

TEL AVIV has become the place of SINGLES. 

Less Tel Aviv inhabitants get married but simply remain single. I am not talking about the religious population, of course, but the secular part of society. Even many traditional Jews. 

Israelis in their 30ies or 20ies prefer a single life without any family obligations. Religious Jews like to call this kind of behaviour "selfish" and me, as a single, had to listen to this argumentation quite often. However, I wouldn't always call it "selfish" but when you live in Tel Aviv, your daily survival can be very intense and any obligation around could turn out to be a burden. Having a family with kids is extremely expensive and today's younger generation is more into a career. First have a career and get established; earn enough money, then get married and have children. Who wants to marry and starve ?  

Those people looking for a career and a new job often concentrate on popular job offers called "RE - LOCATION". Today your new company send you here and next week, you may have to work at their branch in the US or somewhere else.

Photo: Miriam Woelke

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  1. There is another reason why many people in Tel Aviv (especially men) prefer staying singles: to enjoy "freedom" in their sex lives. That's the truth and many single peoples I talked with admitted it. They want to enkoy it as long and as much as possible before being "stuck" at home with the same wife/husband for the rest of their lives (eventhough npwadays, people get divoorced after only three years). Now, for women it may be different. Most of single women I talked with put a potential career as their priority, because they want to build their own financial situation without depending on any man. So, they study, then they work and once their situation has been built, they think about marriage and of course with only one or two children (because they don't want to be "trapped" at home). So, yes, in a certain sense, as a Charedi, I am inclined to think that such attitude of preferring singleness is indeed selfish. But now, we cannot make generalization, there will always be some exeptions to the matter.