Thursday, February 10, 2011

Andreas Kelling is a Christian Missionary !


Israel’s left – wing online news site YNET published an article about a German family currently facing deportation. The Israeli authorities are planning to deport the Kling family. The German Kling family, obviously not Jewish, has been living in Israel for the past years. Andreas Kling is associated with a university and Berlin and gives lectures in Israel. Moreover, their three children were born in Israel.

However, something didn’t sound right, as the YNET article is seemingly leaving out details. For instance the true religion of the family as well as an official statement from the Ministry of the Interior why deportation is supposed to take place. Many readers in their comments were concentrating on condemning Interior Minister Eli Yishai. He, as a Haredi, would just kick out Israel’s true friends and thus destroy our reputation. But in order to get the real picture we need to look behind the scenes.

The real name of the family is KELLING and not Kling. 
Why did YNET give a false name ? Furthermore, the article mentions that Andreas Kelling bought a Templar house in Israel. Does this already ring a bell ? I looked through the Internet and found out that Andreas Kelling in an extreme Christian who used to teach about the holy Christian spirit. The true Andreas Kelling and his theology.

Look at no. 25 where Andreas Kelling is listed !

Another question which should be asked is why the German Embassy in Tel Aviv hasn’t interfered in favour of the Kelling when Andreas Kelling is such a great teacher ? The Kellings claim to live in Israel out of love for the country. A Gentile who wants to support Israel doesn’t necessarily need to move here but can work in fabour of Israel from his country of origin.

All those questions led to to my Internet search and I succeeded in finding the real reason for deporting the Kellings. Moreover, some people provided me with additional material via e – mail.

It is a disgrace for our country to only deport the Kellings now and not years ago !

Kelling's true task in Israel: Missionizing !

Look at the last page of the file !

Andreas Kelling is associated with this messianic site:


  1. Missionizing is not a word in the English language. The word you meant to use is proselytizing!

  2. Missionaries is used, and is pretty common in anglo israel

  3. B"H

    Kelling and his missionary clan have started deleting proves of his vicious missionary activity in Israel. Don't be surprised when you won't find too much on the links I used in the article. However, some of my readers have sent me different links which I won't publish but keep in the back.

  4. Take print-screens from the links and save them as jpg in paint!

  5. B"H

    Everything is saved and others sent me many more links with information. :-)

  6. I also saved everything :-)
    Look here for his photo

    Also lots of information in talkbacks here (thanks to you Miriam, just followed your comments in ynet and continued from there).

  7. B"H

    To tell you the sad truth:

    It is disgusting that YNET went for this story !!!!