Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Blogs are on Christian Missionary Link Lists


At least one of my German blogs somehow found its way on the link lists of extreme Christian organizations. What those loony Christians like Messianic Jews, Evangelical Christians, Pentecostas, J. Witnesses, etc. intend to do is trying to "learn" about Israel and Judaism. They want to analyze Jews in order to find the "perfect" way of prostylizing them to idol - worship. In addtion to that, more and more fanatic Christians want to live in Israel in order to await their false Meshiach, the Jew J. And, of course, the main fear is not getting their visa extended. How to cheat the Ministry of the Interior and get a visa extention, this is one of top interests missionaries have been trying to figure out. The best ways to lie at the Ministry and the Jews. Stealing and destroying Jewish souls to satisfy their (the missionaries) own idol - worship desires.

All those Anti - Christ Christians are nothing but mentally ill and I hope that our Minister of the Interior, Eli Yishai, is going to deport them as fast as possible. It says in the Torah that if the Land (of Israel) doesn't want certain people living here, it is vomiting them out. Hopefully the Kelling family (Kling ... or whatever name they choose) is getting vomited as well as all their confused colleagues !

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