Monday, February 28, 2011

A young Haredi and his sexual Depression


Twice or three times a month he sneaks into this anonymous place in Tel Aviv. Outside, in the streets, he usually snatches one of the free pornographic magazines laying around everywhere and quickly puts it into his pocket. A Haredi shouldn’t do this; follow his Yetzer HaRah and grab dirty magazines in the street. Not in public where everyone can see it. But who cares in a city like Tel Aviv where absolutely nothing seems to be unusual ?

On the other hand, he cannot help it. The feeling appears like an obsession and he is unable to stop it. He goes into the place and looks through the magazine. Not to look at the photos but to search for prostitute phone numbers. 

“Should he ? Should he not ?”

Again he goes outside. Maybe a prostitute is offering her services in the street. He wishes she would come up to him and just ask if he is desperate but none of the ladies shows up. 

Again he goes inside, ashamed of himself but starring at the hooker numbers.
Time is up and he has to pay the place for another hour. 

He walks outside, he goes inside and is starring at the magazine.
“Should he phone one of the prostitutes ?”

He is ashamed and, in the end, he pays for three hours without satisfying his sexual desires. Did he overcome his Yetzer HaRah ?

In two weeks, he will be back …


  1. Here in New York they just go by the droves. So many go that it seems like there's no deliberation. But I'm sure that when they're first starting there is. They even have brothels in Boro Park and Williamsburg now.

  2. B"H

    And no demonstrations in Boro Park or Williamsburgh ?