Thursday, February 17, 2011

Purim with the Tosher (Tasher) Rebbe


I found this amazing video showing the Rebbe of Chassidut Tosh on Purim 2007. Chassidut Tosh (TASH in Yiddish) has its "headquarter" in Kiryat Tosh in Quebec / Canada, and, as far as I know, TOSH is an offspring of Satmar. 


  1. new video of holy tosher rebbe:


  2. B"H

    I really have to mention this:
    There are at least two videos going around on Youtube where the Tosher Rebbe doesn't look too good and I am asking myself why people have to publish such things.

  3. why does this tosher video not look good?

  4. B"H

    our video is fine but look at this

    I don't think that this should be published ! The Rebbe gives the impression that he is ill unless he said the Bracha with a certain kind of Kavanah.

  5. I asked someone about this and they told me that the Rebbe has always made brochas this way, even when he was in his 20's. Still not sure its suitable for youtube though because al pi halocha its a problem and people not aquainted with the Rebbe's ways will not understand at all

    Tosher Rebbe was made a Rebbe by Rav Yoel and sent out with someone of the chassidim from the Satmar yeshiva

  6. B"H

    People who don't know him think that he is sick, and this is why the video should not be on Youtube, as it gives a false impression. I thought about Kavanot but wasn't sure myself.:-)

  7. The Tosh dynasty is not a scion of Satmar, it has a unique genealogy of its own. The first Tosher Rebbe, the great grandfather of the present Rebbe, seen here, was the disciple of Rabbi Yitschok Ayzik of Komarno, who was disciple of , Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh of Zidichov, who was disciple of, the Seer of Lublin, who was disciple of Elimelech of Lizhensk, who was disciple of the Maggid of Mezeritch, who was the foremost disciple of the Baal Shem Tov, the founder of Hasidism