Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chassidut Toldot Aharon: "Pappenheim is not one of us !"


The former Edah HaCharedit celebrity, Rabbi Chaim Shmuel Pappenheim, dared to give an interview to the secular Israeli economy paper "Calcalist" and now he is in trouble coming from his own group: The Toldot Aharon.

Rabbi Pappenheim said in the interview that Haredim prefer working black instead of officially and thus, paying taxes. They simply prefer the cash into their hands.

The Edah HaCharedit and Toldot Aharon are now publishing the statement that Pappenheim is not really from their Chatzer

To be honest, this is basically true, as the Pappenheim family originally came from Munich / Germany and escaped the Holocaust. Once I spoke to a female member of the family and she told me that her parents moved to Jerusalem and joined the Toldot Aharon. 

On the other hand, Rabbi Chaim Shmuel Pappenheim is very brave making such statements. 



  1. Did they "throw" him "up" because he made an interview with a secular newspaper or because of what he told the newspaper?

    If for the first reason, I wonder why, because Yoelish Krauss is known to give interviews to secular journalists...

    If for the second reason, I also wonder why, because we all know that what he said is true. It's no secret for anyone, and second, what bother the TA in his statements? They don't recognize the state, so quite naturally, they avoid doing activities that may help the state to enrich itself (by avoid paying taxes, for instance).

  2. B"H

    Also Pappenheim has been very active giving interviews and both, him and Kroisz, love publicity. Anyone who makes them more famous or is going to publish their name - Welcome, welcome. They tell the press some BlaBla and everyone is happy.:-)))

    No, the TA don't throw out Pappenheim but just announced that his opinion regarding Haredim working is not theirs. And, of course, they always point out those people who are not really 100% Toldot Aharon. Meaning, whose parents or grandparents weren't followers of Rebbe Arele but joined the group later.:-) Or in other words, the old Yerushalmim consider themselves as an elit.