Saturday, February 26, 2011

Destroying Christian Missionary Material


Jews for J. and further Christian missionaries love to lay out their idol – worship literature (e.g. the New Testament in Hebrew) in self – service laundry places, cafes or even in shopping areas. This morning, I spotted out some ministry books in English at a public place in Tel Aviv. I collected those three idol – worship books and threw them where they belong to: Into the garbage.

This doesn’t only happen in Tel Aviv but also in Jerusalem. Sometimes the missionary hand – outs are not that easy to recognize and the name Joshke only appears hidden after a few pages. Most of the time, however, Christian missionaries don’t have enough brain faking Jewish content and the true meaning of the missionary material becomes very obvious.

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    It's a chizuk to see that more and more Jews are becoming aware of that danger and poison that is Missionary activities in EY. It's even shameful that that plague even reached the shores and soil of the Holy Land.