Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ima (Mother) Taliban gave her first Interview


"Ima Taliban - Taliban Mother" is famous in Israel. Famous for abusing her children. She was sent to jail and where she now gave her first interview to a secular Israeli TV station. In jail, she is kept separately due to her lifestyle. 

In the TV report, a female journalist speaks to Ima Taliban who only answers in writing, as she has put upon herself a "Ta'anit Dibur - Refraining from Speech". However, during the last few seconds of the video, the Mother did say a couple of words. 

She grew up in the religious Kibbutz Shluchot near Beit Shean in northern Israel. The report also shows her lawyer, her husband and her followers. The so - called Jewish female Taliban movement only has a very small and limited amount of members in Israel. The secular press loves to claim that there are hundreds or even thousands of those Breslover Baalot Teshuva but this is not true at all. There are far less than 100 women like Ima Taliban.

The Mother regrets what she did to her children. She is busying herself with prayers and reading Tehillim. Her statement regarding her clothes is that she is dressing like our foremothers Sarah, Rivka, Leah and Rachel. Kashrut has never changed its rules and why then should women's modesty change ? 

Actually I don't think that our foremothers walked around covered like the Mother. To be honest, I think they would get a shock themselves when they saw her. :-)

The video is in Hebrew only but interesting to watch:



  1. Doesn't appearing on TV defy all her "tzniusness"?

  2. The proof that it was not the Levush of our mothers is that the Torah describes them as being beautiful and even other kings wanted to take them as their wives when our fathers told them that there were their sisters (it happened with Sarah and Rivkah. Our fathers needed to say they were their sisters because they knew that saying that they were their wives would put their lives in a great danger, because the kings could have killed them for their wives). So, how could the Torah describe them as being exceedingly beautiful to the point that goyish kings wanted them as spouses, if they were walking around with a burqa on their faces?

    Their new chumros are nothing else that bullshits.

  3. B"H

    @ Anonymous

    She says in the interview that she doesn't really want to be the leader of the "Taliban" movement but when her followers ask her, she has no choice. Or on other words: Some people like to be in the limelight. :-)

  4. B"H

    @ Moshe

    Maybe you should have a talk with the Mother.:-)))

    Personally and not because of wishful thinking, my opinion is that the foremothers and the later famous Tanach women were much more open - minded than we imagine today. Look at Sarah who was dealing with plenty of Gentiles. Look at King David who definitely didn't want a Burka woman as a wife. Look at independent women taking the initiative such as Esther, Devorah or Rashi's daughters.

  5. These women are nuts! Their ridiculous way of dressing endangers their children. I have seen some of them not been able to supervise their small children correctly because of all the fabric. As mothers of children we need to be able to move and sometimes we must move pretty fast and have all our eyes and senses open.