Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Making a Point ?" - A foreign worker couple camping next to Tel Aviv's "Beit Ariella"


Are they making a point or just escaping immigration police ? Is there any hope that their campaigne may gain them temporary residency or even Israeli citizenship ?

At least for a couple of weeks, a foreign worker couple (Nepalese ?) has been "living" outside Tel Aviv's public library "Beit Ariella" at Shaul HaMelech Boulevard. Thousands of people are passing by every day, as the building is located right across Israel's Defense Ministry and next to a local court as well as Ichilov Hospital. Usually the crowd passing doesn't pay any attention to the cardboard boxes and loose mattresses laying near the Beit Ariella outside wall. When it is not raining you can see a young Nepalese ? couple sitting behind the cardboard. They even do their laundry there and hang it to dry into the trees.

"Beit Ariella" from the outside. You can find the cardboard boxes right behind the wall under the trees.

Cardboard and mattresses, the home of a young foreign worker couple.

Tel Aviv's thousands of foreign workers would never dare living in such a public place, as they are too afraid of the immigration police "OZ". Most foreign workers such as Africans, Philippinas or Eastern Europeans stay with friends if they don't have their own place to live. One Philippina or African comes along, rents a room and after three days, 15 more Philippinas or Africans move in. This is the way it usully works. 

Tel Aviv is a liberal city and maybe the Nepalese ? couple is hoping that the left - wing weekly "Ha'Ir - The City" may write an article about them and thus, give a hint to the mayor that the couple needs his help. However, in the meantime, no one passing by is really interested. The reason probably is that even the liberals in Tel Aviv are sick of the foreign worker problem. 

There are enough Israelis living in the street and the authorities should first take care of them instead of paying attention to every single, mostly illegal, foreign worker. Israel is a small country and doesn't even have the capacity helping its own citizens.

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  1. Our government is sick! They need to throw all the illegals out and start looking after citizens.