Monday, February 21, 2011

Tonight: Anti - Missionary Demonstration in Ashdod

Vicious "Jews for J." hunting for Jewish souls in order to convert them to xtianity. Come and demonstrate against missionary activities in Ashdod !


Different Rabbis, the Rabbanut as well as the anti - missionary organization YAD LEACHIM (To readers from France: If you click on the link, the site is also available in FRENCH), are the organizers of an anti - missionary demonstration taking place this evening.

The demonstration is going to take place at Rehov Ha'Orgim 28 (Ha'Orgim Street) in the industrial zone of Ashdod. Time: 7pm. 
The organizors received a permission from the local police !

"Jews for J." have raised their evil missionary activities and more and more inhabitants of Ashdod are complaining about such attempts. The following Rabbis support tonight's demonstration in Ashdod: The Pittsburgher Rebbe, the Melitzer Rebbe, the Chernobyl Rebbe of Ashdod, Rabbi Raphael Abuchatzeira, Rabbi Yekutiel Abuchatzeira, Rabbi Yoseph Sheinin, Rabbi Chaim Pinto, Rabbi Shmuel David Gross (Chassidut Gur), Rabbi Chaim Pessach Horowitz (Chassidut Belz), Rabbi Zvi Hirsh Vishnitzer (Chassidut Vishnitz) and Rabbi Shlomo Cherez. 

Don't let those evil missionaries destroy Jewish souls for their 
idol - worship purposes !

Further information in HEBREW at LADAAT !

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  1. B"H

    At least 150 demonstrators arrived at the demonstration last night. The Rabbis reminded the Kahal of Hundreds of years of Inquisition and how much Jewish blood was spilled by Christians for almost 2000 years.