Monday, July 25, 2011

"Abusive" Toldot Aharon Mother gave birth


Do you still remember the Toldot Aharon mother who, two years ago, had been accused of almost starving her little son to death ? The fight between the Edah HaCharedit, the Hadassah hospital, the social workers and the wild demonstrations taking place in Jerusalem ? If you missed the whole issue, HERE you can find all kinds of information.

Last year, the mother signed an agreement sentencing her to three years under house arrest. She is allowed to see her children but only under social worker supervision.

About a week ago, the mother gave birth to another son. Mazal Tov !

 Otherwise we don’t hear anything from her anymore.


  1. B'H

    I still don't believe to this whole story of a mother starving her son.

    The hospital has a responsability to the matter. Maybe they wanted to do some experiments on a Charedi child, as the Nazis did in the past. It failed and they put it on the mother.

    The proof is: they didn't put her in jail!

    I wander what the governement are doing with her children? Are they living with their father or in foster care?

  2. B"H

    Why should the hospital do so ? The Edah claimed that the reason was that the woman was haredi.

    To tell you my personal thought:
    Plenty of times I have been to the Toldot Aharon, Toldot Avraham Yitzchak and many other chassidic Tishes. By the way, I have been to Farbrengens too.:-)))))

    We both know that most young people get married at an early age. Some too early and they are still children themselves. Some shouldn't even have children, as they are unable to raise children. For whatever reason.

    I have never asked my friends who live in Batei Ungarin about Yente. From other people I know that Yente (the mother) comes from an old Yerushalmi family.

    I don't think that its the hospital's fault and if I am right then the family needs help. This is very hard, as in those circles you don't look for help and we all know the reasons. The neighbours, the group (TA), Shidduchim, the school, the reputation, whatever.

    I am sure that, despite the claims of the Edah, the inhabitants of Batei Ungarin know exactly what is going on and whether the mother did something to her son. No one would speak out openly but I am a 100% sure that the neighbours know. The walls are not too thick anyway.:-)))

  3. B'H

    I am almost 100% in agreement with your statement.