Monday, July 4, 2011

Christian Missionaries at the Tel Aviv "Laila Lavan" using Bob Dylan


Christian literature has always confused me and I have never gotten the point out of it. No wonder that Christianity is totally illogical !

Last Thursday night, at Tel Aviv's "Laila Lavan - White Night", Christian missionaries from the Phillipines were handing out their idol - worship pamphlets in Sderot Rothschild (Rotschild Boulevard). I don't get the content of the pamphlet, as it is a kind of stupid. The missionaries, in a way, are using some sayings of Bob Dylan and compare it to the sayings of their false Meshiach J. 

Photos taken from the missionary pamphlet: Miriam Woelke


  1. I lived and worked in the terrorist state of Israel [sic]. I learned that MOST Jews have no religion. They don't like or understand Christianity neither do they like nor understand Judaism. The irony of J. (laughs) is that if you go to the actual NT and get away from the Greek influences on Christianity J. can be seen as a hasidic preacher talking about redemption and the resurrection. It has parallels with what RMBM was teaching or Reb Scheerson or others I've studied and studied with. There will be no peace in Israel as it sin't the real thing. It's a sham as so many hasidim teach. And many religious people won't even go there. The teachings of Jesus are very simple and allude to Tanach or are direct quotations. It's not so hard to understand. But there are deeper meainings as there always are. Good luck.

  2. I can't understand why our government puts up with these idol worshippers. They use lies and sly ways to steal Jewish souls. They concentrate on the very old, the very young and those who are suffering. If they want to come here for their own purpose that is fine, but ALL missionizing should be illegal and result in deportation.

  3. He not busy being born is busy dying.

  4. These were also handed out , outside the show of Bob's at Ramat Gan Stadium

  5. I can't read the Hebrew but if you can translate into English, I'll try to help you understand their crazy illogical believes. Sometimes. knowing what they say can be a good defense against them. Torah Atlanta has some good information . Jews for Judaism is another good one.

  6. wow, you're not biased at all. What's false to you isn't false to them, people are allowed their faith and to spread it, same as you. Let's talk about how yours is illogical why don't we?

  7. B"H


    I may be wrong, as I don't know the NT too well but didn't J. preach to abandon the Torah law ? When he did so, then there is a huge difference between him and the Lubavitcher Rebbe. In this case, J. fits into the Talmudic law of punishing a false prophet and someone preaching to change the Torah. (See Talmud Sanhedrin)

    @ Shira

    I will try writing a translation but their text is highly illogical and confusing.

    @ Anonymous

    Unfrotunately, the State of Israel doesn't have sufficient anti - missionary laws.

    Faith ? If you call idol - worship a faith !

    People can do whatever they want but Jews have a special task in this world and this task is connected wo the Torah and not to a dead jew on a cross.

    Moreover, Gentiles also have a special task: Following the Seven Noachide Laws ! And these laws exclude idol - worship.

  8. B"H

    To Rob writing comments:

    First of all, I don't let comments of Christian missionaries through. This is a Jewish blog and I don't allow any idol - worship content including a name of a false Messiah !

    - The Jew J. did not fulfill any prophecy !

    - When many Christian act in favour of Israel you have to take into consideration their final goals. No doubt that there are Christians who are very helpful and don't necessarily see a goal behind their acting. However, too many Christian help Israel in order to settle in our JEWISH country and in order to prostelyze Jews afterwards.

    Non - Jews, as you, have the task to follow the Seven Noachide Laws and not to spread your idol - worship among the Jewish nation.

  9. Jd, here are some few differences between the Rebbe and Yoshke:

    1- The Rebbe never taught to transgress the Sabbath, while Yoske did;

    2- The Rebbe never taught to rebell against the authority of the Rabbis, while Yoshke did

    3- The Rebbe never taught that the Jews were THE SONS OF THE DEVIL, while Yoshke said that

    4- The Rebbe never said the antisemites words we can find in the Gospel of John

    5- Eventhough the Rebbe never said he was Moshiach, he was more close to be the Moshiach than Yoshke who said he was the Moshiach but did nothing a Moshiach is expected to do

    6- Honoring and respecting one's parents is a Mitzvah of the Torah, while Yoshke taught that those who were respecting their parents more than himself were not worthy to be his disciples. Moreover, we all know from the NT itself that Yoshke was rejected by his family. They didn't believe in him.

    7- A false prophet is worthy to be put to death

    8- Yoshke taught that those who don't believe in him are going to burn in hell. Whose kind of Moshiach is that? And moreover, nowhere is it written in the Torah that believing that someone is Moshiach gives you a ticket for "paradise."

    And the list is longer than that, and we could also include his false prophecy that he would come back in his disciples' lifetime. 2000 years have passed, and all his twelve disciples have died long ago and he didn't come back.

  10. B"H

    To all those Christians trying to start a dialogue while praising their false Messiah:

    This is NOT a blog for a Jewish - Christian dialogue but actually for Jews or people who are interested in Judaism. It is not a site for Christian missionaries although they love to read here about their evil actions and campaigns.

    For further questions on Judaism and Christianity:

    Rabbi Tuvia Singer has a site with countless information

  11. Miriam how do these people find your blog?

  12. B"H

    Who ? Fanatic Christians and Missionaries ?

    This is very easy to answer.

    First of all, I have been writing quite a lot about missionary practises and missionaries don't like that.

    Secondly, missionaries follow their rule that they want to "learn".
    Learn how Jews behave, think, pray, speak ... anything.
    Why ?
    Because they want to imitate them and use the knowledge in order to prostelyze other Jews. They are not even afraid of pretending to be Jewish. Example: They tell other Jews that they are Jewish but believe in J. "If I can do it, you can do as well !"
    This is how they operate.

    In order to learn, they find this site. Actually its quite funny because if you know the xtian business, you can sopt them out after seconds. If they want to try behave haredi, this makes it even kmore weird.