Friday, July 22, 2011

Prizut (Immodest Behaviour) at Jerusalem's Machane Yehudah Market ?


The EDAH HACHAREDIT is really making a fuss about the latest festivals at the Machane Yehudah Market. Musicians and any further kind of culture are leading to Prizut (immodest behaviour). To make it clear: The Edah doesn't mean ordinary people but they worry about their own kind.

Jerusalem's Municipality had been organizing a monthly summer festival at the Machane Yehudah Market. The market is for everyone and not located in any haredi area. Every Monday in June, a cultural festival took place but I am not sure whether it is still going on. The festival was supposed to help the sales people in the market. Increasing traffic and customers. Although the festival is rather boring and just the same as last year, I cannot see any Prizut. Okay, musicians have been singing. Men and women together and the Machane Yehudah wouldn't introduce a Mechitzah (gender separation). On the other hand, I didn't notice any masses from Mea Shearim streaming to the festivals. And even if, it is not the fault of the organizers but every religious Jew has to watch his behaviour. Why stop the events because of some people who cannot overcome their desires ?

Here are some pictures I made two weeks ago when my desire overcame me and I went to the festival:

Copyright / Photos: Miriam Woelke


  1. As most Orthodox Jews refrain from listening to music during the three weeks as it is a time of mourning.

    I can understand why people would be upset. Such sensitivities need to be shown.

    Do you honestly think having people going around dressed in costumes and playing instruments will boost expenditure within the shuk?

    Do people really stop and watch these acts? Or is the Jerusalem Municipality hoping additional tourists will choose to go the shuk instead.

  2. B"H

    To be honest: Regular tourists are not too welcomed on the markets. No matter whether it is Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. The reason is very simple: Tourists just walk around and don't buy anything. Maybe a cup of coffee or a coke can and and ice - cream. But what they do is bothering the local public which is coming to buy but cannot move, as tourists block everything and stand around.

    The festival is in order to attract Israelis and especially Jerusalem's locals.

    I am not sure if the event is still going on. Last year, it only took place on Monday's during the month of June.

    I am going to be in Jerusalem either next week or the week after and will have a look.