Saturday, July 2, 2011

Christian Missionaries trying to make phony Aliyah to Israel

Left: Yair Davidy

Photo: Jewish Israel


Every Sunday night, Rabbi Mordechai Machlis is giving a class at the "Israel Center" (OU) in Jerusalem. And almost every time, Yair Davidy is participating in the class. Davidy is a guy whose English I can hardly understand, as he speaks with a very heavy South African or Australian accent. A rather sloppy looking guy who behaves in an arrogant manner. Rabbi Machlis always praises him as someone who is famous and has written various books on the lost Jewish tribes.

Once I had a look into one of these "famous" books at the Machlis home and, as I expected, Davidy's book didn't have any kind of recommendation, as Jewish religious books usually have. In other words, Davidy (who I have never ever seen at the famous Jewish National Library in Jerusalem) is making up his own thoughts on the tribes. Without any research and discussions with real professional Rabbis or Scientists.

Once Rabbi Machlis was again praising him during his class when a young Christian woman from South America claimed that she has "Jewish" roots. The "root issue" has become a popular method of missionaries sneaking into Israel and trying to claim their Jewishness (which has never existed). They just show up and claim to be from tribe so - and - so. Just like the "Bnei Menashe" from India, some self - appointed Jews from Peru or Kenyia.

I knew that the young woman was lying and as soon as Yair Davidy announced his false weirdo theory that she must be Jewish then, I almost jumped up the roof. You are a Christian and mention "your chosen tribe" to Davidy, the guy will make you Jewish right away. Probably because of all the Christian donations he may get out of this.

Now, plenty of Christians have been claiming to belong to a tribe. They are trying to make Aliyah in order to prostelyze Jews afterwards. Their latest plan is the establishment of a Christian settlement in the Shomron (Samaria). Unfortunately, many Jewish settlers are ready to help the Christians, as lots of money is involved. Lately, the national religious settler movement has become addicted to Christian missionary money.

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  1. It reminds me of a X-tian I met who pretends to have Jewish roots simply because he discovered that his mother's family name was "Geuli." Once, he open a Jewish book which mentionned a Rabbi called Shim'on HaGeuli. Since then, he is convinced that it means he is Jewish.

    Poor guy. They think that a name means everything, while it's not the case. We know plenty of Jews who don't have Hebrew or Jewish sounding names. And on the other hand, my Mashpia's wife, who comes from Morocco, told me that many Jews, when they arrived in Morocco, changed their names to take a more Arab sounding name to get integrated in Moroccan society. That means that you have many Arabs who have a name similar to a Jewish family name, while the truth is that, Jews are in fact those who copy pasted the Arab names when they arrived in Morocco. Russian Jewry did the same, etc. So it's not because you have a Jewish sounding name that it means you are Jewish.

  2. B"H

    Do you know how many people like that I have met in Jerusalem ? An English eldery guy thought that he was Jewish because the name of his real parents (he was adopted) was GUY. And GUY can be a Hebrew first name or last name.

  3. B'H

    These are things which disgust me, because of that they are fooling Jews who are spiritually weak, and because of their sudden discovered "Jewishness", they are trying to make us believe that you can be a Jews who believe in Yoshke and Avodah Zarah's beliefs. Many people are impressed to meet a "Messianic Jew" and think that it's something cool, while the trith is that being a Jew and believing in that man are incompatible.

    What I find pathetic is that those X-tian realy believe (or want to be convinced of, while knowing it's not true) in their new "Jewishness."

    There are two things which look cool in our generation: pretending to be a Jew while you are not, and being homosexual! But their common point is that both situations are DISGUSTING! The other common point is that in the Torah law, an homosexual is put to death, and acording to the Halacha, it's written in the Talmud, in the name of Rash Laskish, that a goy who practice laws from the Torah which do not apply to him and who pretend to be Jewish should be put to death, because such attitude can lead other Jews to consider him Jewish while he is not. Do you imagine all the catastrophes such imposture may provoke? Do you imagine, for isntance, a goy counting in a minyan because he lied to you that he was Jewish? There are many other situations that may arise from such identity theft.

  4. B"H

    Besides missionary purposes, I also see a rather psychological aspect in Christians pretending to be Jewish. I think that many of them cannot stand that they are not included in the Torah, in the Jewish tribes. That they are simply Bnei Yafet and don't at all belong to Shem. Although they claim to be the "Children of Avraham" which is a complete nonsense. And all this tribe issue claiming to belong to a tribe.

    Personally, I don't need that and I don't have the urge making such a claim. On the contrary, it is much easier to live as a Gentile than as a Jew. Always looking deep down into your Mitzvot conscience and asking yourself what is right and wrong.

    Christians pretending to be Jewish mostly look ridiculous and I can spot them out very fast.

    I think that people should accept who they are and not fooling themselves with false identities.

  5. If they "claim" to have Jewish ancestry and are sincrely interested in converting to Judaism in accordance with Halacha then by all means contact a Orthodox Rabbi/Beis Din.

    If they come with an ulterior motive then by all means don't let the door hit you on the way out!

  6. The problem is they have become "wise". They share ways to speak to Jews, and what words to use to get through a beit din. They feel that even if they renounce their idol to get a foot into Israel and is OK (it doesn't count they say). For all their pretended holiness they lie and cheat and do whatever to achieve their goals. They are more dangerous than muslims--at least muslims are honest and say they want us dead and gone!

  7. B'H

    X-tian behaviour comes from their own Bible.

    It is written in 1 Corinthians 9:20, "When I was with the Jews, I lived like a Jew to bring the Jews to Christ. When I was with those who follow the Jewish law, I too lived under that law. Even though I am not subject to the law, I did this so I could bring to Christ those who are under the law."

    It sums the matter up quite well. X-tian are just following their own Bible. When you are with Jews, behave like a Jew so that you can bring them to believe in Yoshke. Eventhough you know that you are not a Torah believer, make them believe that you believe in the Torah and that you oberserve it.

    So tell me, can we trust such peoples?

    Like the last poster said: even Muslims are honest with us, and we all know their Quran asks to kill Jews and that they are ready to do it. But X-tian are snakes and predators.

  8. Moshe you were right these people can not be trusted.

    Anon, I believe that there is a prerequisite before making aliyah that the individual must reside in their community for 1-2 years before even considering making aliyah.

    One would hope a Beis Din would be able to determine the sincereity of a Gerus Candidate. Conversions in the past have been revoked.

  9. they may have jewish roots but since their mom is not jewish they're not jewish