Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Previous Worlds


Several kabbalistic texts teach that “G – d created other worlds and, later on, destroyed them before He finally created our universe and decided to keep it alive"

One theory states that G - d created one of the previous world with the principle of "Judgment - DIN". Meaning that as soon as a human being sinned, he was punished right away. 
Can you imagine that, as soon as you do something wrong, punishment is instantly coming upon you and you may be dead. In thas case, you cannot even think whatever you want, as a wrong thought may be due to punishment. 

G - d destroyed the DIN - WORLD and created a "Chesed - Kindness" world. Meaning that every person was judged with kindness. This also doesn't work, as you need judgment and can't just act with unconditional kindness. After a while, people start doing whatever they want and no one will take you seriously anymore.

The Jewish Kabbalah teaches the concept of PARTZUFIM. It was the medieval Rabbi Yitzchak Luria (1534 - 1572) developing this concept. PARTZUFIM simply means that two Sefirot (character traits / attributes) interact. There is not only judgement or kindness but the two work together. Thus, G - d or a human can act in a kind way without loosing the power to punish. Or vice versa, when G - d has to punish but does it with kindness.

After creating different former worlds, G - d created ours with kindness and judgment. The famous Rabbi Naftali Zvi Yehudah Berlin (The NETZIV) believed that dinosaurs and fossilies were remains from those previous worlds. However, it doesn't really go together with other commentators seeing the dinosaurs created within the six days of creation. 


  1. B'H

    The destruction of previous worlds is one of the reasons why we discovered some fossils predating 5771 years. Our history as children of Adam began 5771 years ago, while there probably were other species before that, but not called "human". There are some therories like that in some Sifrei Kabbalah. What is interesting is that scientists say that strictly speaking, what we call "human" (homo-sapiens) began when men learned how to speak and write. And guess what? Thay say that it was between 5700 and 6000 years ago. And we all know that Adam was created 5771 year ago. This was when the History of "Humans" began.

  2. B"H

    Isn't there also a difference in humans or people existing and the Neshama ? When Kabbalah talks about previous worlds and "humans" then it adds that people looking like apes (e.g. the Neanderthal) were punished by G - d.

    However, the people before Adam HaRishon are described as creatures without a Neshama.

  3. B'H

    Some teachings in the Midrash and Sifrei Kabbalah say that men turning apes is a punition G-d even used to punished the Generation of the Tower of Bavel. So, we may assume that men doesn't come from apes, but the reverse order. It's only a theory, but it is worth to be quoted. Rabbi Ginzburg (the Chabad Rabbi) has some interesting shiurim on the issue of "de-evolution."

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    I have looked through Youtube but, unfortunately, couldn't find the Shiur.

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