Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kiryat Sefer: Woman found her clothes burnt


A haredi woman living in the haredi town of Kiryat Sefer (near Modi'in) found her own laundry burnt. What she had done was hanging her underwear out to dry and some neighbours or people passing by regarded the "public" female underwear as immodest "Lo Zanu'a". It says that last week, the woman received a warning from her neighbours not to hang out her washed underwear in order to dry.

The comments of the forum post are quite interesting. Some Haredim refer to the Halacha that female underwear may cause a man immodest "dirty" thoughts. Others simply call the person burning the underwear a PERVERT.

In case you are planning to do some laundry, think twice were to dry your underwear !!!


  1. "It says that last week, the woman received a warning from her neighbours not to hang out her washed underwear in order to dry."

    If she had been warned, she is guilty. And it's not a question of being pervert, it's a matter of modesty.

    Even if I know that I wouldn't have made a fuss, what she did was not proper.

  2. B"H

    In haredi parts of Jerusalem I see underwear hanging out to dry all the time. On private balconies and I haven't heard about people complaining. But, what can I say ? Kiryat Sefer is a small town.:-)

  3. B'H

    You said it all: they are hanging out on private balconies, which means that in order to see them, you have to raise up your eyes. But when they are at the same level at your sight, it's another matter.

  4. It is highly inappropriate for such garments to be drying in such a area where members of the public can clearly see them.

    It was only a matter of time before someone took offence to it.

  5. B"H

    I thought that OUTSIDE is OUTSIDE. Does it really depend on whether one should raise his eyes ?

  6. In my humble opinion these garments should not be displayed for all to see at any time.

    Surely there must be a less conspicuous place where these garments can dry without anyone being able to visibly see them.

    Gut Shabbos

  7. B'H

    Yes, it matters! If you raise your eyes, knowing that underwears are hanging out, it is YOUR fault, not the fault of the one who hang them out there, as many people do it in Charedi areas. When women are on the balcony (that serves as an Ezras Nashim), and you raise your eyes to look at them, you are at fault.

  8. B"H

    The Talmud makes a difference between GAZING and LOOKING. I was planning to write about the difference just before the news from Kiryat Sefer was published.:-)))

    Personally I would not hang my underwear outside because, in my opinion, this is a private matter. Usually I am using a dryer and don't hang anything anywhere.:-)

  9. B'H

    They cannot afford a dryer, so they use plan B!

  10. Surely they can be dried on a clothes horse.

    They aren't expensive to buy. In some areas where I live it's actually against council policy to hang washing on balconies.

    And quite frankly my neighbours do not need to see such garments. Dry them out of view from anyone who shouldn't be able to see them.