Sunday, July 24, 2011

Anders Behring Breivik has been preparing his attacks for the past nine Years


It is unbelievable what is going on: The so - called "liberal left - wing" media has been accusing anti - Islam bloggers of causing the Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik to freak out and kill more than 90 people. Breivik hasn't even made an official statement whether articles on the Internet caused him to carry out his two attacks but the left - wing media such as the German "Der Spiegel" (known for its anti - Israel statements as well as for its Jewish religion and Jewish Orthodoxy hatred) seem to know exactly what went on in Breivik's mind. The assassin wrote comments on the WWW and this alone turns all bloggers like FJORDMAN, GATES OF VIENNA or PAMELA GELLER into spiritual murderers. 

It looks like a vast revenge campaign going on. The left is glad that it wasn't a Muslim killing more than 90 Norwegians and now the situation is being used for a hatred campaign against bloggers warning of a global Jihad. Suddenly we are all Nazis and Nationalists and FJORDMAN was even accused of being identical with Breivik.

The latest news from Norway: Breivik has been planning his attacks for the past nine years.
Nine year ?
Who has been blogging nine years ago causing him to get those ideas into his mind ?

FJORDMAN giving a statement against the hate report about him on the German magazine DER SPIEGEL !

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