Monday, July 11, 2011

Secular Jews disturbing Mea Shearim Schabbes


The haredi news site "Kikar Shabbat" is telling us about an incident happening in ultra - Orthodox Mea Shearim / Jerusalem last Shabbat. Several secular Jews entered the neighbourhood and started a demonstration for the "Freedom of Jerusalem".

I can just imagine the type of secular Jews starting such a fuss. Knowing nothing about Judaism, voting for MERETZ - the extreme left and supporting a Palestinian state. Some may put this type of fanatic self - hating Jews into the "Erev Rav" category.

I don't know for how long some Haredim have been demonstrating in front of the Karta parking lot near Jaffa Gate / Jerusalem. The parking lot as well as the nearby Mamilla shopping mall should remain closed on Shabbat. Now some extreme secular Jews turned the demonstrations around and marched to Mea Shearim. But not only demonstrating. Obviously many of the demonstrators didn't dress too modestly in order to provoke the haredi population. Although the Mea Shearim inhabitants got the police in, the demonstrators were not banned from the area.

Its a kind of funny imagining all those seculars entering Mea Shearim on a Schabbes. I assume that the local kids had something to stare at. Maybe their mothers pushed them inside the house due to a bunch of immodest people.

I don't think that too many locals were bothering around with the small demonstration, as the Shabbat has its own rules and life. You sit inside, make Kiddush, eat, talk to the family, relatives or friends and don't care about what is going on outside except for the next Shiur or afternoon nap.

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  1. seculars are worse than muslims and xtians