Thursday, July 28, 2011

Civil Marriage Attempt Failed


Another civil marriage attempt was turned down by the Knesset. Most Israelis would not consider themselves as Orthodox or religious. Many not even as traditional. However, there are certain Jewish rites, the ordinary Israeli likes. A Jewish wedding under the Chuppah, many Israeli Jews don't eat on Yom Kippur, the vast majority lights Chanukkah candles and many Israelis keep celebrate Purim and Pessach.

It is pretty obvious that my list doesn't impress a frum Jew and he still thinks that most Israelis are simply "Chilonim - Secular". Once I was invited by a Yemenite family on Erev Shabbat and everything was very traditional. The Sepharadim including the Yemenites love it this way.

The Schabbes table was set, the father of the family made Kiddush, we had Shabbat food. In other words "a great atmosphere". We were still eating when a family member suddenly screamed "Yatzpan" and the whole table just ran over to the TV.

Eli Yatzpan is a famous Israeli comedian (of Iraqi origin) and in those days, his show used to run on Friday nights. Basically our Shabbat was over because Yatzpan took over. I really hated this, as I am not a Yatzpan fan at all and don't consider hims as particularly funny.

On the other hand, the same family wanted their kids to marry Jewish and when one of the sons moved together with a Belgium Gentile woman, especially the mother freaked out. They never accepted this young woman although she was very nice and a good friend of mine. Her and the son of the Yemenite family split and she moved back to Brussels. It didn't take too long and he found a new girlfriend: A South African and she was Jewish.

"Now his mother is happy, my Belgium friend told me. B.'s new girlfriend is Jewish.

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