Saturday, July 30, 2011

Leibby & Baba Elazar: Tisha Be'Av Theories

In Bnei Brak

Photo: Miriam Woelke


When I hate something then it is definitely the question asking whose fault it was. As soon as something terrible is happening, haredi society is immediately starting its theories. Years ago, an Israeli school bus was involved in a deadly accident and a Rabbi made the statement that the there must have been something wrong with the Mezuzot of the dead children.

After Leibby Kletzki's body was found, further theories started. Whether G - d wants to give us a sign and what we should learn from the brutal murder of the child ? If the Jews have been sinning too much and whether little Leibby's fate is supposed to lead us to Teshuva (repentance) ?

The same now with the murder of Rabbi Elazar Abuchatzeira. All these deadly events happening during the three weeks before Tisha Be'Av. Do we have to do Teshuva ?

It is true that the two incidents happened before shortly Tisha Be'Av but we humans tend to search for answers. A tragedy, we are unable to grasp, happened and instantly people start speculating. Everything comes from G - d and He rules over everything and has His reasons but can it be our task to speculate ? Sometimes even accuse each other of whose fault it was ?

It goes without saying that each of us should view his own actions; especially now because soon we will be entering the Elul period. Even if G - d wants to give us a sign, I don't think that it is our duty to judge other people's behaviour, as everyone of us has enoug to do with looking at himself.


  1. Hashem is our father in heaven, and we are his children. Our stay on this earth is not a game that he plays with us. As foolish as it is to "speculate" and create reasons for tragedy, it is equally as foolish to say that Hashem is not giving us an opportunity in every single event on this earth to strengthen our Avodas Hashem.

  2. B"H

    I am very much against making up one's own interpretation. Example: New Orleans suffered from the flood because it is one of America's "sin cities". Or this and that is happening because the Mezuza is not right.

    I am very much against those kind of assumptions, as we simply don't know the reason. Unfortunately we humans tend to searching for answers as soon as something unbelievable is happening.

  3. By this logic, everything is by chance, and nothing is connected.

    Even the atheist Darwin believed that all of life is connected.

    Tzaddikim have a higher perception of reality than us. The Gemara has plenty of stories discussing the destruction of cities because of its sinfulness and lewdness.

    If you are saying that the Gemara is false, then so is the Torah, and then G-d doesnt exist.

    I know you dont think that way so I wonder why it bothers you that tzaddikim come up with reasons for tragedy.

    You are supposed to learn from it and become better. If nothing changes in your life, then you missed an opportunity.

  4. B"H

    I am not saying the source is wrong but I am against people starting their own personal assumptions.