Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Israeli Police Unit YASSAM and the Nazi - SS


The below video has become famous throughout Israel and our media is reporting. The person who made this video is comparing the Israeli police unit YASSAM with the Nazi - SS. In the meantime, the Israeli police has started an investigation against the person uploading the video onto Youtube. The official version is that probably a member of the settler movement has produced and uploaded the clip.

Instead of starting an investigation against the settler beating Yassamniks, the police are running after the victims (settlers). 


  1. B'H

    Not surprising, the video is now non-available.

  2. B"H

    I don't know where you live but my German readers on my German blog complained that they cannot watch the video. The reason, however, is not that Youtube banned the video but due to the music in the video. It is well - known that germany has very strict laws about spreading music illegally and the country bans many videos due to copyright.

    This is the reason why German are unable to watch the video.

    Nevertheless, here is a video from the demolition of the AMONA outpost in 2006. Parts of this video were used in the video comparing the Israeli YASSAM police unit to the SS.


  3. B'h Miriam

    In my experience Cops are cops no matter who they work for.

    Their is something wrong with a person who has to become a cop in order to make a living.

    I my self have no respect for any of them. I would never trust one of them nor would I ever allow one of my children to breed with one of them. Cops are the blind cruel stupid arm of corruption and power regardless of the motivation. Their is something very sick when some one wants to control other people by force and that behavior is against the Torah at every level.

    Our cops are no worse or better than anyone elsas paid pigs. Their are many people in the world who think a good cop is a dead cop not a bad idea for the ones in the USA.

    I guess you know how I feel about most cops I have met.

    Love always

    your loyal opposition


  4. B"H

    Hi Daniel,

    I am not trying to badmouth Israel's cops but there are many incidents where I am asking myself whether I live in a democracy with democratic rules. Yes, and beating Israeli cops remind me of the Jewish police in the Warsaw Ghetto. I just can't help it.

    Actually we should concentrate on the positive police work but when it comes to the beatings, I am wondering in what country I live in.

  5. B'H

    It's not only the Police of the Medinah, but even the security forces and body guards in the Medinah have a very bad press around the world. They are known to be very violent. Even at the airport I know many people who have had very negative experiences. This, I never saw anywhere else. I know that Israelis are stressed and under pressure almost all the time, but it's not a reason to beat peiople and use uneccesary force.