Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tel Aviv was celebrating its "Laila Lavan - White Night"

Last Thursday night, Tel Aviv was celebrating its cultural "Laila Lavan - White Night". With a friend coming from Jerusalem, I only walked to see the performances in Sderot Rothschild (Rothschild Boulevard) and was disappointed. There was much more going on in the previous years. Nevertheless, the city was totally packed with people walking from event to event. 

The two ladies dancing may be not too modest but it was an interesting performance.

Various people living in posh Rothschild Boulevard started celebrating their own parties.

Israeli Border Police 

What the police may have missed were some Christian missionaries handing out pamphlets in Rothschild Boulevard. The missionaries came from the Philippines and it was the only negative scene my friend and I were witnissing. Actually it was my friend who was approached by a Philippina handing her the pamphlet. Then my friend showed it to me, as the doesn't know much Hebrew and the pamphlet was kept in Hebrew only. It shows a picture of Bob Dylan and first I thought that it is some kind of advertising. However, in the text below it talks about "Yeshua" (may his name be erased). I am going to make a photo of the pamphlet and will put it into the blog tomorrow !

The reaction was that the majority of people didn't even look at it, as they came to enjoy themselves at the festival. Okay, it was a secular celebration but YAD LE'ACHIM should have come and kept an eye on it !!!

Photos: Miriam Woelke

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