Saturday, July 9, 2011

ALIENS in Judaism


The movie ALIENS 2 with Sigourney Weaver is one of my favourite movies. How about aliens who are more similar to mankind than those monsters surrounding the actress Sigourney Weaver in her ALIEN movies ? The little green men, for instance. Did G - d maybe create more worlds with humans ? If so, then how about us ? Maybe it isn't only us receiving a Torah ? Are their more Jews out in space ?

The Talmud teaches us about 18,000 further worlds / planets as well as about the planet MEROZ. SEFER HABRIT by Rabbi Pinchas Eliyahu Horowitz (18 century) teaches that MEROZ is an inhabited planet in outer space.

After many years of studying Judaism, I have purchased quite a few books. You may call it a small library. Among my books you can find "SEFER HABRIT" and besides planet Meroz, it teaches a lot about planets like the Moon, the Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mars and Mercury. There is a lot to write on the subject but have you ever thought about G - d creating other nations on different planets ? What about those people on Meroz, if they really exist ? Rabbi Horowitz states that those people do not have any free will, as we do.

In my Yeshiva days, one of the students asked the question about aliens created by G - d. Our teacher said that if there are any aliens, they did not get the Torah but only the Jews. I believe that and I am not too keen on meeting any alien. 


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