Friday, July 29, 2011

"Baba Elazar" stabbed in Beersheva


The 70 - year - old grandson of the Baba Sali, Rabbi Elazar Abuchatzeira (the "Baba Elazar"), was stabbed in a Yeshiva in Beersheva last night. Baba Elazar was receiving people when someone entered and stabbed the Rabbi four times. Baba Elazar was rushed to hospital but died of his wounds. "Yeshiva World" reports that the murder suspect, Asher Dahan, belongs to the inner - cirlce of the Baba Elazar home. 

"Chadrei HaCharedim" report that two years ago, Asher Dahan has already tried to kill the Rabbi. He is in his 60ies and lives in the haredi town of El'ad.  

Photos from the Scene of Crime:

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  1. he was "dissatisfied" about the advice that the Rav given to him on issues partaining to marriage and Shalom Bayis. Charedi media indicate that the man is in psychiatric treatment in recent years.