Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Kugel, Kugel" - Kosher Food Take Away in Ge'ulah / Jerusalem


There are a few very good stores where you can purchase "Take Away" food. Located in Malchei Israel Street in the haredi Ge'ulah neighbourhood (next to Mea Shearim). Some dishes are not that cheap but I very much recommend the tasty Ashkenazi food. By the way, the Hechsher is "Badatz Edah Charedit" !

Photo: Miriam Woelke

Nevertheless, most Haredim prefer cooking and preparing their own food at home, as they hardly trust in any Hechsher. For instance, I know that Chabadnikim don't even touch meat with an Edah - Hechsher but only meat with their own Chabad Hechsher.

Regarding meat: Many chassidic groups have their own Shochtim (ritual slaughterers) and thus, only buy in their own shops.

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