Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Are Widows and Widowers allowed to remarry after 9 / 11 ?


Almost 3000 people were killed at the terror attack at the World Trade Center in New York. It is hard to imagine that today, ten years after the disaster, still 1100 people could not have been identified. Either their remains have never been found or it is simply unknown whether they were sitting on one of those planes hijacked by the terrorists or whether they were inside the towers. I suppose that all those passengers from the two planes flying into the Twin Towers were vaporized right away. 

Approximately 400 Jews lost their lives in the attack. Neo Nazis as well as those confused people following their conspiracy theories keep on claiming that the Jews knew about the attack and warned each other. This is why hardly any Jews got killed. Claims without taking the figures 400 - 500 into any consideration. 

Where were the Jews ?
Well, it was the time before Rosh Hashana and many Jews went to the Synagogues in the morning in order to say the Selichot prayers.

Chabad raises a highly interesting question: 

How about those Jews who lost their spouse in the Twin Tower disaster ? Are they allowed to remarry even if the dead body of the spouse has never been discovered ?If the dead body has never been identified ?

According to Halacha, Jews who lost a spouse are only allowed to remarry when the dead body of the dead spouse has been identified. So, what about those Jews loosing a spouse on 9 / 11 ?
Read the answer HERE !

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