Saturday, September 17, 2011

Why did Yoel Hazroni kill himself ?


Ex – Haredi Yoel Hazroni committing suicide about two or three weeks ago. The the former Haredi was from Modi’in Illit (Kiryat Sefer near Modi’in) and hung himself in his apartment in Tel Aviv. Yoel had just left society and become secular a few years ago. He shared an apartment with his flatmate Shai Gold and worked at a supermarket. Just recently Yoel also admitted that he is gay and thus was a member of the Tel Aviv gay community.

He had never lost contact with his parents, even when everyone knew that he is a homosexual. Yoel was visiting his family and some of them were seeing him in Tel Aviv. A day or two before he killed himself was the Yahrzeit of his father and he participated in the event. There, apparently a brother of his father, told him something very offensive. It is not know what exactly but Yoel was very upset after the talk. Then he hung himself at his Tel Aviv apartment where Shai Gold found him.

Many of Yoel’s friends and even some Hebrew speaking blogs are asking whether the relative is guilty of Yoel’s suicide. Maybe he made him feel so guilty that Yoel couldn’t take it anymore ? Yoel Hazroni was buried on Har HaMenuchot in Jerusalem.

The Halacha questions whether a Jew committing suicide may be buried at the main part of a Jewish cemetery. Generally, such Jews are being buried “near the fence”, meaning, in a special area of the cemetery. What is amazing is that the gay community mourning about Yoel was allowed to participate in the funeral. The Hazroni family even set up a date that the community could come to the Shiva to Kiryat Sefer. Loosing a son to secularism was nothing new to the Hazronis, as an older brother of Yoel had left way before him and today lives in Petach Tikvah (near Tel Aviv)

Halacha also says that a Jew can do Teshuva until the last second of his life. When someone commits suicide, we don’t know for sure whether this person didn’t regret his action at the very last second. How do we know for sure whether he regretted or not ? This is why a person taking his own life has the right receiving a halachic funeral. Yoel Hazroni'ss death is tragic, as it shows that many former Haredim don’t search for psychological help. Especially Tel Aviv is an Eldorado of support groups and help lines. Also for Haredim or those leaving society. We will never know for sure why Yoel decided to die but others should learn from him and search for help. 




  1. What a tragedy. All because grown-up perverts want to feed their lust for perversion , so they sucker in the youth to satisfy themselves, or to make themselves feel "normal". The perversion, being so ugly and abhorrent, once the mind realizes the implications of what's happening, the shame is perhaps so intolerable.

  2. B"H

    Yoel apparently didn't look for any help. Once you are in the gay community of Tel Aviv, you are definitely being told that what you are doing is normal.

  3. we need to help those gays/lesbians instead of attacking them,some of them might refure our help but at least we can save some

  4. B"H

    The first step is that the gays themselves come to the conclusion to seek help.