Saturday, September 17, 2011

Haredi (Runaway) Blogs


It doesn't always have to be Sarah Einfeld's blog and her stories about running away from Chassidut GUR in Ashdod. And, by the way, Sarah hasn't been updating her blog on a regular basis for quite a while. 

By reading an article in a local Tel Aviv paper, I got to the blog of YOSSELE GOLDBERG who didn't start writing too long ago. I haven't really understood his identity. Whether he is a gay Haredi or not. What Yossele does is mentioning another gay Haredi runaway from society who killed himself about two or three weeks ago. I am going to describe the tragic incident in my following article.

Another Yossele is writing about his financial problems on his blog called YOSSELE BEGGAR. Yossele's father is deeply in debts, as he took plenty of loans in order to find respected Shidduchim for his children. When he married them off, he also bought apartments as a wedding gift. A terrible custom and mistake in many parts of haredi society. In order to marry one of once children off, the family needs money. Especially the bride's family which, many times, is contributing much more to the wedding celebrations as well as to the home of the newly married couple. 

Yossele decided to ask for Zedakah (charity) by going from house to house. 

All three blogs are in HEBREW only but you can use Google Translator !!!

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