Wednesday, September 14, 2011



The BIALIK - ROGOZIN SCHOOL in HaAliyah Street in Tel Aviv - South has about 750 students from which most of the children are not Israelis. A high percentage of foreign worker kids study at Bialik as well as many Russians. 

Ordinary parents from Tel Aviv wouldn't send their children to this school because it is located in a poor area and so are most of the students. Secondly, most students are struggling with their Hebrew, are illegal in the country and of Philippines, African or South American origin. Or in other words, the vast majority of the children is not Jewish. 

It is necessary that such a school exists but school and parents should teach the children that they are strangers in Israel and that there will be a time to return to their home countries. Israel is a small country calling itself Jewish. I am not a Kahane follower and thus say that Arabs can remain in Israel and don't need to get deported to Jordan or elsewhere. However, I do fully agree with Knesset Member Aryeh Eldad saying that when the Palestinians want to stay in Israel, they have to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. They must keep Israeli law and refrain from terror. On the other hand, they are free practicing their religion and live their lives but they have to accept Israeli law. 

However, I don't see any reason why a foreign worker should be allowed to stay in Israel for longer than three - five years. They can but on a limited visa basis and always the return to their home countries on their minds. Telling their children that Israel is a temporary place. Today we all may feel sorry for them and their children but, in the long run, we will terribly regret, letting them stay and spreading. Israel is a Jewish country and has to remain a Jewish country. 

I think that I can make such a claim, as I grew up in Germany where today, Germans suffer from the mistakes of letting too many Muslims (especially Turks) into their country. The last Muslim generation growing up in Germany has been partly becoming a threat to the country, as they found their way into radical Islam. 

Israel should never loose its Jewish identity and grant Gentile foreigners citizenship or visa renewals for years. Especially not because the foreign workers as well as their children live in their small ghetto and don't want to be part of Israeli society. The children may say so but, in the end, they will get frustrated, as Israeli society doesn't want them either. 

The Bialik - Rogozin School from the outside.

 Photos September 2011: Miriam Woelke


  1. B"H

    I received a comment on the article which I won't publish. The comment is offensive and I don't publish such language on this blog !!!

    But let me answer the comment:

    The vast majority of Africans living in Israel, in particular in Tel Aviv, are illegal !!!

    I don't know any country in the world where ILLEGALS are allowed to stay.

    The children must be taught that Israel is not their country and that they don't belong here.

    Now our government is going to take a positive step by deporting the Africans. Not only this, before deportation, they receive money and a short course where they are being educated and learning a profession.

    Where else in the world do you find this ?

    Israel is a JEWISH State and will always remain JEWISH !!!

  2. Your bias to Africans and Muslims is evident in this post. You talk about not letting others share Isreal because you are selfish and wish only for Israel to remain a Jewish state, some day the world will be filled with different people living everywhere in peace and that is what this school promotes. You're biased and you grew up in Germany so Isreal is not even your land either, you're just as much an immigrant!

  3. B"H

    First of all, I am Jewish and Israel is a Jewish State. Secondly, it is incredible how much hate mail I am receiving due to this one very realistic descriotion about what is going on in Tel Aviv.

    Others may share Israel as long as they are Jewish or Palestinians being born here. However, illegal immigrants should be deported right away. Especially when they are criminals as most Africans coming here and dealing with drugs and stolen goods as smartphones. It is just a matter of time when Tel Aviv South inhabitants will start a riot against African criminals.