Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gentiles, Noachides and Rosh Hashana


From tomorrow (Wednesday) night until Friday night, the Jewish world is going to celebrate its Rosh Hashana (New Year according to the Jewish calendar). The days of Rosh Hashana won't be celebrated with fireworks but are actually days of repentance (Teshuva). G - d is "sitting on His thrown" in order to judge the world for the new year 5772. Although Rosh Hashana is supposed to be a joyful holiday, we still have repentance (Teshuva) in our mind. Repentance and maybe a few promises trying to bring a positive change into our lives in order to cause G - d having mercy upon us and thus judging us favourably. 

However, Rosh Hashana is not only a Jewish holiday but a holiday for the whole world. Jews and Gentiles alike. On Rosh Hashana itself, G - d is judging the future of our entire universe for another year. Until the next Rosh Hashana. He is also judging the Gentile world and this is why non - Jews should think about repentance as well. Jews may have the advantage that G - d is going to seal His verdict only on Yom Kippur or the end of Sukkot. Gentiles, however, are only being judged on Rosh Hashana. 

How can a Gentile be judged favourably when he is worshipping idols ? A Buddhist, Hare Krishna, a Voodoo follower or a Christian. According to Judaism, Muslims are not idol - worshippers ! 

Gentiles do have the opportunity of becoming a Noachide (Ben Noach); meaning, keeping the Seven Noachide Laws. If they do so, they don't worship idols and thus is going to judge them favourably on Rosh Hashana. What a Ben Noach not does is still believing in the false Meshiach J. In case you do so and, at the same time, consider yourself as being a Noachide, you are wrong and make a false claim. You may cheat your environment and yourself but you won't cheat G - d.   

It is extremely improtant for the upcoming Rosh Hashana that Gentiles know about the Noachide Laws and think about keeping them. There are huge movements in the US but it may be hard finding an honest Bnei Noach movement. Unfortunately many of those movements have become a place for Christian missionaries or are even run by Christian organizations in order to bring their sheep back to worship the dead Jew J. 

Instead of wasting your time with a false belief and waiting for a dead Jew who died on a cross to come back, you should become aware of the ONE G - d and creator of every existence. If you do so, you will get judged favourably.


Rabbi Yitzchak Ginzburgh on Noachides


  1. B"H

    You haven't seen the new tactics of some Messianic's trying to pass themselves off as Orthodox Jews:


    A word of warning. This lady and her husband are NOT Jewish in accordance with Halacha. They attempt to pass the blog of as being Orthodox Jews which they clearly aren't.

    It seems they all like to claim having some great great great grandparent who was Jewish.

    This lady is Xtian as is her husband. The danger of these blogs is when non frum/BT's read those kinds of blogs they fall into the trap of that a Jew can believe in J.

    We all know that as Jews don't believe in J and never will.

  2. B"H

    I looked at the blog and must say that they are really disgusting people. Claiming to be Jewish Orthodox and the lady talking about her Niddah time. This alone is quite unusual mentioning publically.:-)))