Monday, September 5, 2011

Four years later: Kiryat Yoel / Jerusalem is advancing


Here are the latest photos from Jerusalem’s future Kiryat Yoel of Chassidut Satmar (Rebbe Aharon Teitelbaum). For a longer period of time nothing was moving and there were speculations if Satmar simply ran out of money. The Satmarer jumped on my article in "Vos iz Neias" and denied any lack of money. Instead the "Zionist" Jerusalem Municipality was accused of having put the construction site on hold. However, if this had really been the case, Satmar would have made a big fuss and demonstrated without end. 

The construction site of Kiryat Yoel on 5 September 2011 

Something is moving in Satmar.

Copyright of the two photos on top: Miriam Woelke

The final Kiryat Yoel, once it is finished.

Photo: TAB

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