Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Breslover Shalom Arush Movement and the German speaking donation Market


The below pictures shows us why the Sephardi Breslover Ba'al Teshuva Rabbi Shalom Arush set up a German speaking "team". German speaking Jews stand for "donations". 

For many years, Israeli Rabbis used to go on donation trips to England, the US, Canada or maybe even Australia but who wasted a thought on the German "market" ? No one. Now plenty of chassidic groups such as Vishnitz (Rabbi Menachem Mendel Hager) from Bnei Brak have discovered the Swiss Jews with all of their cash. A great and fresh source of donations. Rabbi Shalom Arush got a German speaker in his group and many of the Rabbi's books (e.g. "The Garden of Emunah) were translated into the German language. The Arush group even launched a German speaking website where everything seems to be more Arush but less Rabbi Nachman.

The Arush circle is not too accepted among the Mea Shearim neighbours, as Arush takes in many followers with a criminal background. Weirdo guys who now look at Rabbi Arush as Rabbi Nachman. Not like the Na Nach movement believing that the soul of Rabbi Nachman had entered their former leader Rabbi Israel Odesser. 

However, Rabbi Shalom Arush appears to be more important on his websites as he actually is. I just find it disgusting how the Arush guys have entered the German donation market and tell some I don't know what stories on their website. It doesn't look like Breslov and Rabbi Nachman but Arush's own cult and ideas.

Mission successful: The Beit Midrash and Synagogue of Rabbi Shalom Arush in Jerusalem (HaNevi'im Street) underwent a complete renovation process. Lots of donations must have come in.

Photo August 2011: Miriam Woelke


  1. What a negative post about someone trying to bring troubled people closer to Torah.

  2. B"H

    Or about someone fearing a lack of donations.

  3. Loshon Hara about a Torah Giant.