Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chassidic SELICHOT Guide


Chassidut Gur is starting to pray Selichot at 12.30pm tonight. 
Where ? In Yirmeyahu Street  / Jerusalem. 

The Belzer in Jerusalem start their Selichot service tomorrow morning (Sunday morning) at 5am. 
Where? At their Beit Midrash in Kiryat Belze. 

Vishnitz in Bnei Brak: Rabbi Israel Hager is starting his Selichot service tonight at 12.30pm. His brother and competitor, Rabbi Menachem Mendel (Mendele) Hager is starting at 12.00am. 

The Boyaner in Jerusalem are starting at 12.30am tonight. 

Nadvorna in Bnei Brak is starting tomorrow (Sunday) morning at 5.00am. 

Seret – Vishnitz in Haifa is starting at 1am tonight. 

Chassidut Chernobyl in Bnei Brak is starting at 12.30am tonight. 

Chassidut Ungvar in Ramot / Jerusalem: Tomorrow morning, 4.30am, beginning of the Selichot. 

The Shomrei Emunim are, as usual, late. The Selichot service in Mea Shearim is starting at 1.30am tonight. 

Dushinsky Jerusalem is starting at 5am tomorrow morning. 

Sadigura Bnei Brak is starting at 11pm tonight. 

The Kaliver Rebbe in Jerusalem is starting at midnight. Pinsk – Karlin: 11pm tonight.

Kretchnif in Jerusalem: 4.45am tomorrow morning. 

Shatz – Vishnitz in Haifa: 11pm tonight.

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