Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Simcha Ambash is giving a Message


Simcha Ambash, one of the wives of Daniel Ambash, has published a video on Youtube where she speaks about her worries. Three months ago, the Jerusalem police together with social workers busted the Ambash house, took out all the wives of Daniel Ambash and the children as well. All of them were separated and Ambash himself together with a few other guys got arrested. They are accused of rape and all kinds of abuse. The strange thing was that the Israeli press avoided mentioning his name. 

Simcha Ambash says in the video that the only task of the family is spreading the message of Rabbi Israel Odesser and his Petek (the Na Nach Nachma Nachman me'Uman note). They were a happy family until the police came. She, Simcha, doesn't know where all the other family members ended up and her own child was taken away from her. 

I suppose that the court prohibited any publication about the case, as they intend to protect the other Ambash wives and the children. All of them were probably put into social institutions in order to receive help getting out of the cult. The same happened a while ago with a guy called Go'el Ratzon and his cult. Ratzon lived in South - Tel Aviv and had 21 wives. As a comparison: Daniel Ambash has six wives and fifteen children. 

Simcha Ambash doesn't know what to do and recorded the video with her cellphone. However, the present situation is very hard to judge, as we outsiders, don't know what the court says and what is really going on regarding social workers and the mental situation of the family members.

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