Monday, September 26, 2011

Traveling before Rosh Hashana


I have been traveling a bit lately. Enjoying the last days before Rosh Hashana and enjoying G - d's creation. Just being on my own for a change is great. Not depending on anyone and just walking alone. No, it is not a kind of Hitbodedut, as Breslov would suggest but it is simply a way of putting some personal thoughts into order without being bothered by anyone else. For me, traveling on my own is extremely enjoyable and I will continue doing so.

Who says Tel Aviv has no great parts ? Those who do have no idea about the city. Today, for instance, I went to the famous former train station called HATACHANAH. Wait until you see the photos and hear the interesting background story about the Tachanah (Station). 

Not the Tachanah but the shore across. 

Photo: Miriam Woelke

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