Saturday, September 24, 2011

A New Year and more than 400,000 Hits


The Jewish year 5771 is facing its end and I think it is the time to say THANK YOU to all the people reading this blog. Whether once, twice, ten times or on a regular basis. 

Tonight, Ashkenazi Jewry is starting its SELICHOT prayers before Rosh Hashana. The holiday itself is starting this Wednesday night. There is so much to write about, many events (even in Tel Aviv :-)) and the following high holidays are already right ahead of us. 

I hope I will find time to write about all the subjects. Especially putting in some book content of the literature I recently bought in Mea Shearim. :-) Furthermore, I am going to continue with the Aliyah series although I have to say that it is very hard to describe Israeli bureaucracy behaviour, as each new immigrant has his own approach and way to deal with red tape. One already knows some Hebrew (making it much easier dealing with Israeli governmental and municipality clerks) whereas others may be frustrated and only compare everything to their former home country. 

The Jewish religion never has a lack of content and thus I am going to write about many new subjects. Hopefully I am finally getting to the Seer (Chozeh of Lublin), more Takanot of the Toldot Aharon, Rabbi Daniel Frish's extreme modesty book, the GORAL HAGRA, the GRA himself, more about the GRA himself and a huge subject I am really curious about: BRISK.

I am not done yet until Rosh Hashana begins but I am already wishing you 

SHANA TOVA, a great new year 5772 to everyone !!! A healthy, successful, happy and sweet New Year. And, don't forget: Rosh Hashana is a holiday for the entire world and not only for Jews. G - d is judging all of us including the fate of our universe.

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