Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The latest Daniel Ambash Update


Tonight, Daniel Ambash was on the TV news on the second Israeli channel. He apparently had called the press and told them that him and his families were beaten by the police during the investigation. He claimed that he personally heard his wives screaming next door. 

On the phone, a reporter asked him whether he thinks it is okay to have six wives and if this is a good example for the kids. Daniel Ambash said that no family member minds his six wives and everyone accepts it open – minded. Furthermore he denied that any rape or abuse had taken place in the family and that all accusations are nothing but lies. 

The TV broadcasted the phone conversation with Ambash but still neither mentioned the name of the family nor showed the true faces in the short documentary. The police denied any beatings of the Ambash family and stated that a regular investigation is taking place.


Dutch TV Report about secular Yoni staying with the Ambash family

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