Thursday, September 15, 2011

Three Haredim took Israeli army girls to Ge'ulah and Beit Warsha


The Pashkevil expresses its anger about three haredi looking guys showing a group of Israeli army girls around in haredi Ge'ula and Beit Warsha (Jerusalem). The tour took place in the afternoon hours this Monday. 

Further it says that the inhabitants were shocked seeing haredi guys touring with army girls and thus, the inhabitants raised there voices at the group. 

If the three were members of the "Nachal HaHaredi - Haredi Army Unit (today mostly occupied by national religious soldiers) and if so, is this what serving in the Zionist army brings about. Associating with girls and taking them on tours through haredi neighbourhoods ?

I just hope that the girl's unit got a detailed lecture before the tour, as otherwise they would never understand haredi life in Ge'ulah let alone in Beit Warsha. It is terrible when tour guides, in this case even Haredim, take others with no haredi background into such neighbourhoods in order to explain haredi life. The matter is too complicated, takes a long time and cannot be explained by going on a tour. The kind of knowledge handed over is too artificial.

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