Sunday, September 4, 2011

The "Or HaChaim" Bookstore made an agreement with the Sikarikim


After the shop window was destroyed only a short time before Shabbat came in, the owners of the bookstore "Or HaChaim" in Mea Shearim made an agreement with the local Sikarikim and this sounds like a bad decision. I will be in Jerusalem tomorrow and I am planning to go to "Or HaChaim", take a few photos and maybe go inside and look around if I find a nice book to buy. It may be last chance entering with my "immodest" clothes because soon the bookstore is going to have a "Zniut - Modesty" sign hanging outside. Entrance only in modest clothes ! No more "panty" women like me. 

A further agreement with the Sikarikim: A special Sikariki "Purity Committee" is going to check the purity of the books sold in the bookstore. Until now, the shop owners had refused hanging up a modesty sign or letting their books check; now they agreed in order to avoid further trouble and destruction. This is a bad sign giving in to the Sikarikim, as other threats will follow. The extremists consider themselves as the winner of the dispute and thus have been gaining more self - confidence.

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