Monday, September 26, 2011

Dutch TV Report about secular Yoni staying with the Ambash Family

Five Jewish young people, without first knowing where they end up, at five different special and exotic Jewish communities sent. Examples are Israel and America. On site, they will rotate in a family with very different cultural and religious customs in the Netherlands than they used to. They must thereby adapt to the local lifestyle. That is not always easy, is to follow. The Amsterdam based Yoni residing in Tiberias. He is staying with a family whose members are followers of Rabbi Nachman's eccentric. Yoni is not religious but does depend on the traditions of the Jewish people. How does he deal with the ultra-orthodox, but in communal living nomadic Nachman family connection? 

Yoni is being send to the Ambash family (then staying in a house in Tiberias near the Kever of Rabbi Me'ir Ba'al HaNes). Usually the family lives in Jerusalem. 
The report was filmed before parts of the family got arrested and the wives and kids taken into social institutions. 

The report is partly in the Dutch language but has many parts in English as well !

You can tell me whatever you want but from the six wives Daniel Ambash has, his first wife Ilana is definitely the boss of all the wives. At least, this is the impression I am getting. 


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