Sunday, September 18, 2011

News from the Daniel Ambash Case


Last Thursday, Israel's Supreme Court was discussing the Daniel Ambash case. Whether he is allowed to return home and if the entire family (his six wives and all the children) will be together again. The Israeli press doesn't report anything but Natan Ambash, one of the sons of Daniel Ambash, has been posting updates. 
אי חברים אנא התייחסו להודעה זאת ברצינות היום התנהל דיון בעליון לגבי מעצר עד תום הליכים ההחלטה תינתן בעוד כיומיים ואני מבקש ומתחנן מכולם להרבות בתפילה שאבא שלי והמשפחה ישוחררו והתשובה תיהיה חיובית בבקשה תפתחו שערי שמיים והשם יגמול לכם את כל הטוב

I just sent him a message if there are any further news and hope he will answer me. However, it is an amazing how he and one of the wives (Simcha) stand behind Daniel Ambash despite all the accusations. It looks like they could not get used to the idea of starting something new in their own lives.


Daniel Ambash & Rabbi Israel Odesser

Daniel Ambash and his six wives

The Ambash group dancing in Ge'ulah (Jerusalem) on Purim 5771


  1. B'H

    This kind of reaction is not so surprisung. It's dependancy.

    You know, it's like a wife beaten by her husband. Mostr of them don't leave because they are lost without their husbands as they mainly depend on them. The same here. Simcha was, perhaps, the more dependant of his wifes, hence her continuing to support him.

  2. B"H

    Simcha, one of the Ambash wives, as well as Natan Ambash (not Simcha's son but from a different wife) keep on posting about the case. What kind of such a great Zaddik Daniel Ambash is and that we should all pray for him and that the family is finding together.

    I sent a message to Natan and Simcha answered me. My question was why the Nanas including Ambash insist on traveling to Uman for Rosh Hashana when they don't believe in it anymore. Simcha wrote me that their main point is to make PR. Even in Uman and in another few years, all Breslovers will be at the Odesser grave in Jerusalem instead of Uman.

    The worst is that Simcha really belives what she says.

    However, I also asked Natan Ambash about the court case at the Supreme Court last Thursday but he neither him nor Simcha referred to it.

    I will go on their nerves and ask again.:-)))