Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chanukkah Atmosphere in Tel Aviv ?


So far, I haven't noticed any special Chanukkah atmosphere in Tel Aviv. People are lighting Chanukkiyot and Chabad is around all over the city but still, it is not the same as being in Jerusalem or in Zfat. I may go to Jerusalem next Monday and take pictures in Mea Shearim. If I can't make it, I will definitely go to Bnei Brak. 

Chabadnikkim are handing out Chanukkiyot in Tel Aviv. For free and even where I work, a Chanukkiya was handed it. I just went over, said the blessings and lit the candles for the two guys working. They are totally secular and don't necessarily keep kosher but I told them to do something for their Neshama (soul). And ... it worked !

Here is my Chanukkiya at home. I usually don't use oil because I, somehow, always drop the glass vessels.

Photos: Miriam Woelke

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