Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Cops returned to Mea Shearim


Egged buses returned passing Rehov Mea Shearim and in order to prevent further bus stonings, the police sent a few of its detectives in order to watch the locals. 

See the cops in the background.

I am just wondering what kind of people our police employs. I wouldn't even accept these guys for a job in construction work. No wonder our country is falling apart. Aren't there any more educated looking detectives than those on the photo ?


  1. B'H

    I even wonder if those policemen are Jewish. Maybe the Jewish policemen were fed up of being called "Nazis" and beaten up by the fanatics, so now they send non-Jewish gangster as they look more gang members than policemen

  2. B"H

    In most cases, the Ethiopians are not Jewish according to Ashekenazi standards. Nevertheless, many policemen in Jerusalem are Druze or Russian (where the majority is also not Jewish).

    The army as well as the police love to send the Druze in against Haredim or national religious settlers. The Druze hate the guts out of religious Jews and are willing to beat anything out of them. As we already saw in the past.