Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tel Aviv's Mayor against thousands of illegal Africans in Tel Aviv

From yesterday's Israeli newspaper MA'ARIV

Tel Aviv's Mayor Ron Chulda'i is asking Netanyahu to act now, as thousands of illegal Africans keep on flooding the city's southern neighbourhoods. 

More than 51,00 illegale Africans live in Israel. The majority comes from Sudan and Eritrea. In 2010, 14,741 Africans infiltrated into Israel. In 2011, so far, 13,600 Africans succeeded in crossing the border from Egypt. 


Those of you following this blog on a regular basis know that I keep on writing about thousands of illegal Africans infiltrating into Israel. It is high time that our Mayor Ron Chulda’i is starting to act and he now demands from Netanyahu a nationwide congress where the problem has to be discussed and a solution to be found. It cannot be that, every month, thousands of Africans continue streaming into Israel.

Tel Aviv (also Eilat, Bnei Brak, Arad, Ashdod and now Ramat Gan) is flooded with Africans and the Jewish population is fed up. Especially those inhabitants living in the southern neighbourhoods. The Africans have become more violent and many of them work as drugdealers or run prostitution networks. Sudanese tribes fight each other and even the Philippino foreign workers are afraid to go out at night. No Israeli should walk around the Central Bus Station after midnight where African thieves and drug addicts take over the entire area at night. 

Every morning, the Africans gather at the Levinsky Park across the Central Bus Station and wait for Israelis passing and offering them odd jobs. I went through the park yesterday and Africans don't like their pictures be taken, as I could be from the immigration police. This is the reason why some of my photos didn't come out too well.

The playground at the Levinsky Park in African hands

On Sunday, 11 December 2011, Israel's right - wingers together with the inhabitants of Tel Aviv are planning a demonstration. Where ? At 6pm at the Levinsky Park. For the past three years, the city has been flooded with Africans and this is why Knesset member Michael Ben Ari and further MKs are participating in the demonstration. All Africans should be deported immediately, as they have no right staying in Israel. 



  1. Anyone who tries to get to or from the bus station in the evening is at great risk! The entire area is beyond the pale. Not to mention that many of these people are Muslims! Why don't they go to a Muslim country? Seems that their "brothers" don't want them. We are such a small strip of land, don't we have enough problems already? Get rid of this garbage before we end up drowning in it!

  2. B"H

    The Africans are looking for a door to Western society and not into another Muslim country.

  3. B'H

    These are, Chass V'shalom, the futur husbands of Israeli leftist girls.

  4. B"H

    If they entered the country illegally then deport them. Or even better drop them off at the UN headquarters. Let them deal with them!

    Look at countries like Australia.. rather than crossing borders.. they are coming in boats!

    These people are not not refugees but have purely left for economic reasons.

  5. B"H

    Yesterday, Netanyahu decided to raise the budget for building a new fence on the border to Egypt. Furthermore, Israeli companies will be fined for employing illegal Africans. Reality is that the hotel industry at the Dead Sea and in Eilat only works with cheap African labour. Africans are cleaning rooms for far less money than Israelis.

    Plenty of restaurants in Tel Aviv have Africans working in the kitchen washing dishes. Even the kosher ones with Hechsher from the Rabbanut Tel Aviv from Rabbi Israel Me'ir Lau. However, the Africans don't cook but wash dishes only.