Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Truth about Tanya Rosenblit


The truth about Tanya Rosenblit differs a lot from the left - wing media articles:


  1. The haredim cannot impose their will on others on a public bus that is contrary to the law. If they are provoked to obey the law, then society benefits. If individuals refuse.to obey the law, then they have the option of private transportation or walking.

  2. A clear and accurate article on the JPost, today, about this subject says:

    "Tanya Rosenblit, who herself works for a media mogul, boards a bus in an exclusively haredi (ultra-Orthodox) neighborhood of Ashdod. The bus stops only in haredi neighborhoods of Jerusalem. Getting to Jerusalem is not Tanya’s goal; there are many faster and more direct buses to Jerusalem. Her goal is to be the star of her own reality show.

    "To that end, according to the other passengers on the bus (who are not interviewed by the mainstream media), she sits directly behind the driver, singing, making challenging remarks and occasionally leaning into the aisle. Seeing that her goal is to provoke a confrontation, the driver stops the bus and summons the police.

    "Rosenblit is not asserting her legitimate right to not be dictated to by haredim as to where to sit on a bus. Rather, she is insisting that haredim not be able to sit as they choose on a bus designed to serve only haredi passengers. (Egged deliberately creates all-haredi lines as part of a concerted effort to prevent haredim from setting up their own bus services.) This distinction is crucial.

    "Incidentally, Rosenblit is associated with the One Voice organization. The Palestinian media described One Voice’s September 2011 campaign as designed to build an international consensus on Israeli apartheid."

    In any event, mendacity has nothing to do with democracy.

  3. B"H

    LATMA discovered on Tanya Rosenblits Facebook page that she is also connected to the new Internet news channel "Jewish News 1".

    The Israeli press introduced her as a translator and student but, as a matter of fact, she is a journalist and was looking for a story.