Saturday, December 24, 2011

"The woman from Hebron" - A Palestinian Photoshop ?


While reading one of the news site of the Lebanese terror gang “Hizbollah”, I stumbled over a photo where I immediately thought that it must be photoshopped. Maybe it is not but, to me, it does look like a fake. Simply because something doesn't fit. First it reminded me of the Israeli army evacuating another Jewish settlement and the teenage girl rather looks like showing a fist to the soldiers. 

I started doing some research on the photo, got an answer but, at the same time, further questions came along. By the way, no one has ever mentioned the name of the photographer.

The picture was obviously taken in Hebron and it shows a Jewish boy kicking a Palestinian woman. At the same time, a Jewish teenage girl is trying to snatch the headcover of the same Palestinian woman.

Besides a short article on “Huffington Post”, only Arab and pro - Palestinian sites / blogs have been referring to the incident. The "Huffington Post" doesn't deliver any additional information either. However, on all sites, the picture always remains the same but the content of the articles changes. For instance, the “International Middle East Media Center” uses the photo in an article published on 22 September 2011. The 44 – year - old Palestinian woman Intisar Al Rajabi was hospitalized the day before, as she got attacked by Jewish settlers in the southern part of Hebron. There are more sites publishing the same text and the picture around the same date. 

The readership looks at the photo and thinks that it shows the actual incident when the woman got attacked. The strange thing is that another blog had already published the picture in an article from 7 July 2011. An article with basically the same content: A Palestinian woman had been attacked by Jewish settlers in Hebron. 

How come that Mrs Intisar Al Rajabi was only hospitalized at the end of September ? Or does the photo not show the same victim ? 

It even gets better: 
Another site had already published the same photo on 26 August 2009 !!! 

My question is: "What does the picture really show ? Is it real or just another bad example of Palestinian propaganda "Made in Pallywood "?


  1. Definitely photoshoped.

  2. Have you ever been to Hebron? Have you ever met the settlers in Hebron's old city?
    I have, and judging from that experience, I have no reason to doubt the authenticity of that photograph.
    ...and no, I am not a left wing dopehead that thinks all Palestinians are God's gift to earth, but the situation in Hebron is extreme and sad in many ways.
    There are wonderful Palestinian people there as well as there are wonderful Jewish people. Unfortunately there are also some very radical groups in Hebron and other spots, who teach their children to hate either side.
    It's always easier to paint the world in black and white.

  3. B"H

    As a matter of fact, I am Israeli, live in Jerusalem and have been to Hebron. Furthermore, I do know people living in Hebron.

    There are good Jews and bad Jews as well as there are good Palestinians and those who are pretty bad. However, many good Palestinians do still agree with Hamas or the idea of erasing the present Jewish State of Israel. On the other hand, plenty of Palestinians like living in Israel. So much that quite a few from Ramallah got married to spouses from Jerusalem just in order to be able to live outside of the Palestinian Authority. Living in Israel has advantages for Palestinians, as Israel pays them children's money, unemployment benefit, pension and health care just as to any other Israeli.

    Coming back to Hebron, the situation is extreme and rather ridiculous. First of all, the Arabs own 3/4 of the town and the Jews live on a tiny spot. While walking around there, I was afraid of Palestinian snipers who may be all over the place and thus just walked from Israeli checkpoint to Israeli checkpoint inside Hebron. Jews are not allowed to enter the Arab sector but, on the other hand, Arabs do pass the Jewish sector. This is what I mean with ridiculous.

    But we are having the same situation in Jerusalem. Arabs walk around everywhere they want but, as soon as Jews enter certain parts of their territory in East Jerusalem, our throats get cut or we are getting stoned.

    Who is painting a picture in black and white is YOU because you have no idea about what is going on.