Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Wives of Daniel Ambash


The head of the Breslover Na Nach Nachma Nachman Movement, Daniel Ambash is the husband of six wives but only the first one, Ilana Ambash, is married to him according to Halacha. Ambash himself states that all the other five wives are not really his wives but are being referred to as his wives. On the other hand, I have heard, that there actually is a Rabbi in Mea Shearim or Ge'ulah who works for the Na Nach movement as Mohel and is said to have carried out all of the Ambash weddings. 

Almost half a year ago, Daniel Ambash was arrested by the Israeli police. The background of the arrest is that he accepted a seventh potential wife into his large household. The woman claims that another Ambash wife had stopped her in the street and asked whether she needs a place to live. The woman responded with YES and accompanied the wife in question to the Ambash house. First she agreed to live with Ambash but some of the household members started abusing her. Furthermore, she claims that a dialy torture took place in the Ambash household. The wives jumped on each other and that Daniel Ambash is a rapist. The police and social workers stormed the house and now this "seventh" wife who fled the household has become the main witness of the Ambash case. Daniel and a few other of his Chassidim are in jail, the 15 kids are taken away by the social workers. Actually the kids have never been to a regular religious school, as the Na Nachs only trust their own ideology. 

At first I thought that the wives, or at least some of them, may get back to their normal lives and admit their mistake living with Ambash. Obviously I was wrong, as the following videos appeared on Youtube. 

The videos of several Ambash wives are in Hebrew only. Each of the wives accuses the police of running false accusations against their husband Daniel. They want their kids back and claim that everything is nothing but a conspiracy against them.

Here is the video of CHANNAH MIRIAM AMBASH, the daughter of Daniel Ambash:

The video of SHIRAN AMBASH, the sixth wife of Daniel Ambash:

Here is the video of AZAMRA AMBASH, the third wife of Daniel Ambash:

The video of ILANA AMBASH, the first wife of Daniel Ambash:

The video of SIMCHA AMBASH, the fifth wife of Daniel Ambash:

Simcha apparently made accusations against Daniel Ambash but, later on, took them back.

Further Link:

Daniel Ambash and Rabbi Israel Odesser


  1. I am slightly surprised that the Mississes Ambash would publish videos that indict him....

    Why would they declare publicly that several of them are "his wife"? Not a very intelligent move...

    Furhtermore, the name "Ambash" was not published in the media so far, they make it known.

  2. B"H

    No, the media didn't publish the name AMBASH and still doesn't. However, the Israeli media hardly ever reports about the Ambash case, as the court has ruled a media ban.

    Israelis are not interested in the case but Ambash and a few of his Chassidim are still in jail. They even went to the Supreme Court but nothing helped, as there seems to be a lot of evidence.

    I am just wondering why his wives still stick to him. Apparently Simcha Ambash told the police all kinds of secret details but then took everything back. Maybe also because due to pressure from the other wives and Chassidim.

    In all videos, the wives accuse the police of torture, beating the Ambash family in order to squeeze details out of them. The children were taken away in order to teach them a normal lifestyle.

    The wives are not very intelligent and it seems that all they think of is getting their old life back: The household with Daniel Ambash. They don't care about Halacha and not having more than one wife.

    In a psychological sense: I would be very interested in the hierarchy of those ladies. There is more to it than it seems at first glance and I am sure that Ilana is the big boss.:-)))

  3. I don't know whether this is a question of intelligence. It might be that they were comfortable in their former life, that they are lacking financial resources now, that they are emotionally dependent on Ambash or that they were pressured by other wives to do this.

    However, I do not think what they did is very wise, whoever organised it...

  4. B"H

    I agree with you and also think that those women felt a kind of security while staying at the Ambash house. It was their home and they had a place to stay. I assume that before, they came to Jerusalem without any money and had neither job nor shelter. So, when they were asked in the street if they need a place to stay, of course, they said YES.

    This is how Ambash got his wives. By sending out his second wife, the American, and finding him more women. Daniel Ambash himself stated that the more wives he has, the more children will be born, the more followers he has in order to spread the message of Rabbi Israel Odesser.

    It is not wise at all publishing such videos. They were put into Youtube before Rosh HaShana and the purpose may have been activating the public in order to speak up for Ambash. However, the truth is that no one, besides his followers, is interested.